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disclosure management

Reduce Errors and Produce Results with IBM Cognos Disclosure Management

Disclosure management is one of the most important responsibilities in an organization. Sadly, many finance organizations struggle with time-consuming, manual documents that are prone to mistakes, like: Incorrect formatting Incompatible output types Rounding mistakes Footing errors Lost audit trails These mistakes, even the seemingly small ones, can snowball into glaring errors that are difficult to […]

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big data cloud computing

3 V’s of Big Data

As you lead your organization through the continuous changes and new developments in the IT universe, it is essential to stay grounded in the fundamentals. So today, we’re going to look at some basic, high-level thoughts about the ubiquitous term “Big Data.” In his article published at Information Management, Cameron Price mentions the core concepts […]

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Government CAFR

CAFR Season Approaches: Are You Ready?

If you are responsible for or participating in the production of your state or municipal government’s CAFR, you may have spent the past few months preparing. Most organizations responsible for the CAFR spend the months of August through November diligently producing, auditing, and editing all the information necessary for the report, which, when printed, can […]

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Chief Data Officer

Is a Chief Data Officer in Your Company’s Future?

With all the talk about big data that has swirled around lately, it’s about time that the conversation turned to assigning leaders to data quality and data governance. So does your organization need a Chief Data Officer (CDO) to lead the way? You might wonder why a Chief Data Officer could benefit your organization, especially […]

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