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Improve Organizational Insight

Improve Organizational Insight: Get the Whole Picture of Your CAFR Process

You know the phrase, “You can’t see the forest for the trees?” That’s the state you’re in when you are so immersed in small details that you can’t see the whole picture.  And when you can’t see the whole picture of your organization, you’re going to miss out on a lot of critical information. If […]

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reduce cycle times

Reduce Cycle Times: How to Actually Meet Your CAFR Deadline (For Real!)

When you consider what an immense undertaking it is to complete the long and complex Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), it’s really no wonder that so many organizations struggle to meet production deadlines. In the CAFR process you face many challenges, such as juggling resources, managing risks, and keeping costs as low as possible.  While […]

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Cut Costs

Cut Costs: Reduce CAFR Audit Expenses with IBM Cognos Disclosure Management

If you already know how IBM Cognos Disclosure Management can reduce risks and save resources in your Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) process, than you may have an idea of how it can also cut costs. Basically, IBM Cognos Disclosure Management reduces audit costs incurred by manual reporting processes. When you produce your CAFR manually, […]

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Your most valuable asset

Save Resources: Stop Wasting Your Most Valuable Assets on Your CAFR

In earlier posts, we’ve introduced you to a revolutionary solution for your CAFR process and how that solution can reduce risk for your organization. Now we’re going to explain how that solution, IBM Cognos Disclosure Management, can help you save resources by leveraging your most valuable asset: your people. Since most Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports […]

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Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk: Stop Preparing Your CAFR by Passing Around Emails

In a previous post we introduced you to the idea that IBM’s Cognos Disclosure Management can improve your CAFR process by: Reducing risk Saving resources Cutting costs Decreasing cycle times Improving organizational insight Now we’re going to explain how Cognos Disclosure Management reduces your risks. Most CAFR producers are stuck using outdated, manual systems to […]

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The Good, The Bad, and the Revolutionary of Word, Excel, and your CAFR

When you prepare your Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), you probably rely on two primary pieces of software: Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. You use Microsoft Excel to produce the numbers and spreadsheet portions of the CAFR, and you use Microsoft Word to produce the words and narrative portions.  Both serve as dynamic tools and […]

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All aboard predictive maintenance and quality

Stop Problems BEFORE They Start with New Predictive Maintenance and Quality Solution From IBM

Does your organization need to own and maintain: A fleet of vehicles? A manufacturing  facility? Production machinery? Heavy equipment machinery? How much time and money do you spend solving problems with these assets?  How would your organization change if you could anticipate your maintenance and quality needs, and stop problems before they start? With IBM’s […]

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New Features in IBM Cognos Workspace 10.2.1 Improve Usability

IBM recently announced updates to the latest version of Cognos Workspace, version 10.2.1.  There aren’t any earth-shattering developments here, but there are new features designed to improve authoring and overall usability.  Here is the new feature rundown, straight from the horse’s mouth: Filter on multiple related data items in select value filter and slider filter […]

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Be at the top of your game

How to Be at the Top of Your Game in Financial Performance Management

In recent years, the depth and breadth of demands made on the office of Finance have increased exponentially, and most organizations are not equipped to manage them. Did you know: Nearly 50% of Finance’s time is spent on transactional activities Over 35% of enterprises lack a common financial reporting platform Nearly 40% of enterprises produce […]

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