Equip Your Chief Audit Executive with the Right Technology

The internal audit process is one of the most critical activities in an organization. Managing risk and ensuring regulatory compliance is incredibly demanding. More and more, the process requires experienced, knowledgeable leaders to direct compliance efforts while ensuring peak efficiency.

So we were interested to see CEB, a member-based advisory company that provides advisory services to organizations across the globe, write about the Chief Audit Executive, the unsung hero of the audit process.

In his article “The First 100 Days of the Chief Audit Executive are Make or Break,” Ian Beale offers excellent advice to audit executives who are new to their role. However, he didn’t mention the importance of managing a critical part of the audit process:  the tools, data, and technology leveraged.

One of the best strategies to prepare the way for a smooth transition into the auditing process is to start by establishing a technology architecture that keeps long-term compliance and regulatory changes in mind.

By building a system with seamless integration, accurate automation, and an audit trail connected to source data, you can better ensure data integrity and enhance governance in daily finance and accounting processes. That means that your organization – and your Chief Audit Executive – will be able to sleep better at night.

To learn more about building a technology system that accounts for all of your data needs, audits or otherwise, contact us today.

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