Is a Chief Data Officer in Your Company’s Future?

With all the talk about big data that has swirled around lately, it’s about time that the conversation turned to assigning leaders to data quality and data governance. So does your organization need a Chief Data Officer (CDO) to lead the way?

You might wonder why a Chief Data Officer could benefit your organization, especially if you already have a Chief Technology Officer or a Chief Information Officer.  There are several compelling reasons to consider it.

Data management is becoming a larger chunk of the modern organization.  As data management trends toward consuming more and more of their time and resources, CTOs and CIOs might have to let other initiatives go.  To avoid cannibalizing your other efforts, it may be more efficient to separate your management from other IT management activities.

Data is also a very unique strategic asset, and it should be managed differently than any other asset in your organization. Those responsible for data management need to have very specific skills, experiences, requirements, and goals. And unlike many other IT initiatives, data management is not a project with a distinct beginning, middle, and end; it is ongoing and integral to your organization’s strategy.

Peter Aiken, author of the book “The Case of the Chief Data Officer: Recasting the C-Suite to Leverage Your Most Valuable Asset,” proposes that the CDO should have three primary responsibilities:

  • Dedicate time and effort solely to leveraging data assets
  • Pursue goals outside of the confines of normal IT project frameworks
  • Make all reports directly to the organization

In his book, Aiken argues that limiting any of these three abilities will sabotage your attempts to empower your CDO, and he explains their importance and how to implement them successfully.

In today’s world, one in which nearly all types of organizations find themselves needing stronger, better, faster data management capabilities, an idea like Aiken’s definitely calls for consideration.

So, is your organization considering or have already embraced adding the role of Chief Data Officer to your C-Suite?  Let us know in the comments below.

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