New Features in IBM Cognos Workspace 10.2.1 Improve Usability

IBM recently announced updates to the latest version of Cognos Workspace, version 10.2.1.  There aren’t any earth-shattering developments here, but there are new features designed to improve authoring and overall usability.  Here is the new feature rundown, straight from the horse’s mouth:

  • Filter on multiple related data items in select value filter and slider filter widgets
    In select value filter and slider filter widgets, you can filter on multiple related data items from different reports. For example, you have a report on your workspace that has a Years data item and another report that has a Years_1 data item, but both refer to the same data. You can filter on both data items together.
  • Automatically refresh filter values in slider and select value controls
    In earlier versions, values in slider filter and select value filter widgets were not refreshed when data was refreshed in their corresponding source report widgets.
  • Improved drill behavior
    Dashboards keep their formatting and nesting characteristics when you drill up or down in workspaces.
  • Enhancements to automatic chart recommendation
    Automatic chart recommendation helps users choose the best way to view their data. Now it’s easier than ever to understand which chart is recommended, how to select it, and the reasons it is recommended. Chart options are clearly explained, as well as the scenarios in which the options should be used.

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