IBM Cognos 10 Family

IBM Cognos® 10 is a family of products which are right-sized for your organization and integrated.

Integrated Reports, Plans and Scorecards for Better AnalysisIBM Cognos 10 Intelligence Unleashed

The Cognos 10 family addresses the business intelligence and performance management needs of:

  • Individuals who need personal, desktop analytics with Cognos Insight
  • Departments, business units or midsize organizations with workgroups who need integrated reporting, analysis, and planning with Cognos Express
  • Enterprises that need broad analytics capabilities deployed to hundreds or thousands of people with Cognos Enterprise

Whether you want to deploy on a desktop, a single server, a server farm or all three, IBM has the solution for you. Better yet, address your most pressing need now and grow your solution over time. For Example:

  • Start small, using Cognos Insight for data discovery and planning. Add a server to share that insight and create more reports from larger data sets with Cognos Express. Or combine that insight with real-time and corporate information and place insights on scorecards and interact on mobile devices with Cognos Enterprise.
  • Extend organization report deployments, using Cognos Enterprise. Provision the data discovery and planning capabilities of Cognos Insight to individual desktops. Provide individuals with access to corporate information and enable them to share and distribute their data and visualization with larger user communities.

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