Cognos Express Advisor

IBM Cognos® Express Advisor is analysis software that quickly translates raw data into sophisticated analysis with rich visual presentations.

Powerful, Personal Analysis and Visualization

IBM Cognos Express Advisor screenshot

IBM Cognos Express Advisor makes it easy for everyone in your organization to answer business questions on their own at the speed your business requires. In minutes, you can connect to local files, databases, trusted BI reports and predictive data. Simply drag and drop the information you need onto your personalized workspace and begin your analysis–all without scripting or IT assistance.

IBM Cognos Express Advisor gives business users and analysts at midsize companies the ability to quickly analyze complex data and easily share business insights with high-impact visualization. Its write-back capabilities enable users to take immediate action for the most effective business outcomes.

With Cognos Express Advisor, you can:

  • Create high-impact visualizations to deliver insights in the most meaningful and understandable way.
  • Spot trends and identify outliers quickly by slicing and dicing through data using only your mouse.
  • Easily navigate through large data sets with multiple dimensions and filter results based on the association between related groups of information.
  • Analyze and optimize your plans based on different business scenarios using “what-if” scenario modeling–even when disconnected from a server.
  • See important variances at a glance with the help of conditional formatting and exception highlighting.
  • Modify plans, forecasts and budgets to align the appropriate resources in support of your decisions.
  • Publish your plans and dashboards across a workgroup or throughout the enterprise in as little as 60 seconds, enabling people to respond immediately to market changes and new opportunities.

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