Cognos Express Planner

IBM Cognos® Express Planner provides planning, budgeting and forecasting software purpose-built for workgroups and midsize companies.

Fast, Flexible Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

IBM Cogno Express Planner screenshot

IBM Cognos Express Planner transforms a company’s planning processes, enabling business users to react quickly to changing business conditions. It replaces slow, cumbersome manual planning processes with automated daily, weekly or monthly planning tools using the latest, accurate data.

IBM Cognos Express Planner streamlines information gathering, modeling, aggregation and analysis for continuous planning, budgeting and forecasting. A managed contribution model is used to collect input from systems and staff in any division or site. Managers can quickly model, assemble and deploy planning solutions while monitoring the status of every participant in the planning process. Contributors can use an intuitive interface to contribute plan data and perform personalized analysis.

IBM Cognos Express Planner delivers:

  • An intuitive planning process that makes it easy for managers to assemble, model, deploy, and monitor.
  • An easy-to-use, web-based or desktop-based interface that allows finance and non-finance users to contribute plan data and view current plans with no coding skills required.
  • Role-based security to ensure that business users see only those portions of the plan that are relevant to them.
  • Advanced filtering features, such as hierarchy leveling, attribute values, element names (with aliases) and spelling patterns, for more finely grained simulations.
  • Driver-based planning support with features such as pick lists, undo/redo, multi-pane docking and color-coded data changes to focus on key business drivers.
  • Complete audit trails to satisfy regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Complete on-the-fly analysis with the ability to drill down, sort, link and chart data.

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