Cognos Express Reporter

BM Cognos® Express Reporter is reporting software that delivers complete, self-service reporting and ad hoc query capabilities for midsize companies.

Self-Service Reporting and Ad Hoc Query

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IBM Cognos Express Reporter gives everyone in your organization access to the information they need to make decisions, no matter where or how they work. From simple inventory lists to high-volume billings and business dashboards, Cognos Express Reporter makes it easy for people with different roles and abilities to use relevant, accurate data quickly, work with it the way they want, and share insights that help others take action.

IBM Cognos Express Reporter delivers:

  • Simple, intuitive, drag-and-drop authoring capabilities that are easily accessible from a web browser for self-service reporting by any user, from novice to expert.
  • A common metadata model that presents information to users in business terms they understand, so they can be productive right away.
  • Access to all corporate data in any combination, including relational, analytical OLAP or even desktop files for comprehensive, accurate reporting.
  • Broad report coverage to meet the needs of different users, including financial, production, operational, transactional, managed or ad hoc reports.
  • The ability to easily maintain and update a report throughout its life cycle using a common, shared interface accessible to everyone.
  • An interactive analytics experience for workers who need to browse and explore data offline using their PC or Apple iPad.
  • Flexible report delivery that includes the ability to write once and immediately publish reports to the web, PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, email messages and the IBM Cognos Express web portal.
  • Interactive dashboards that can be shared company-wide and support collaborative feedback.
  • Report creation in 22 languages so your entire business can benefit from new insights.

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