Cognos Express Xcelerator

IBM Cognos® Express Xcelerator transforms common spreadsheets for real-time, Excel-based business analysis and optimization.

Excel-based Business Analysis and Optimization

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IBM Cognos Express Xcelerator extends and transforms the familiar Microsoft Excel front-end with a powerful in-memory analytics engine. It’s perfectly suited for multidimensional business analysis and “what-if” scenario modeling enabling a new level of insight and action for better business outcomes.

Users can work within an Excel environment to create custom analysis and build their own “what-if” business scenarios. This approach allows business users to use existing Excel skills and investments while overcoming the risks and limitations of spreadsheet-only processes.

IBM Cognos Express Xcelerator delivers:

  • An Excel or web-based interface that allows business users to easily contribute data using familiar Excel-authored reports and applications with no “coding” skills required
  • Dynamic modeling of hierarchies and dimensions to provide custom views or consolidations of information for different users
  • An unlimited amount of ad hoc, “what-if” alternatives (sandboxes) that allow individuals, teams, divisions, and entire companies to respond to rapidly changing business conditions
  • Centrally managed data, business hierarchies, rules, and calculations to eliminate data silos and inconsistencies throughout the organization – all powered by an in-memory analytics server
  • Pre-built blueprints for key business optimization tasks, including expense and capital planning, workforce management, and profitability analysis
  • Role-based security, structured workflows, and clear audit trails to improve accountability and accuracy
  • Write-back capabilities that link “what-if” modeling results with business optimization and planning so you can align the right resources to capitalize on new opportunities

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