IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence is an integrated business intelligence suite that provides a range of functionality to help you understand your organization’s data.

Integrated Reports, Plans and Scorecards for Better Analysis

For the best business outcomes, your company needs an agile business intelligence solution designed to help users understand facts, reinvent strategy, and adjust plans. Cognos Business Intelligence offers a number of capabilities and solutions to support how people in your organization think and work.

ReportsIBM Cognos Business Intelligence Demo

Cognos Business Intelligence includes a web-based report authoring tool that professional report authors and developers can use to build sophisticated, multiple-page, multiple-query reports, including invoices, statements, and weekly sales and inventory reports. Business users can modify queries and personalize their reports without relying on IT, receive and interact with reports on their mobile devices with Cognos Mobile and when offline with Cognos Active Report. And, with Cognos Statistics, you can add statistical evidence to your reports for fact-based decision-making.


Cognos Business Intelligence includes a component that you can use for multidimensional analysis and exploration of data. An interactive drag-and-drop environment makes it easier to explore and analyze data to find answers to business questions. IBM analysis capabilities enable your workforce to analyze information wherever and whenever they need with fully interactive, personalized workspaces for the web, mobile and the desktop – and even offline.


Monitor and analyze metrics and projects throughout your organization. Cognos Business Intelligence includes a customized scorecarding environment that helps you translate your organization’s strategy into relevant, measurable goals that align each employee’s actions with a strategic plan.


Cognos Business Intelligence includes dashboard capabilities that enable any user to access, interact and personalize content in a way that supports the way they make decisions. Security-rich access to historical and real-time business intelligence data in a single, unified workspace provided by Cognos Workspace helps users move from insight to action.

Real-time Monitoring

IBM Cognos Real-time Monitoring provides a central place for viewing and responding to the real-time information critical to your business. You can get an up-to-the-minute big picture of what is happening now or drill down into any object to show more detailed information. Alerts tell you about exceptional business events, and task lists show actions that taken for each exceptional event.

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