Cognos Mobile

IBM Cognos® Mobile extends interactive Cognos Business Intelligence to mobile devices, so you can reach BI content wherever you happen to be.

Business Intelligence You Can Take With You

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Mobile Demo

IBM Cognos Mobile is designed for users who need to view, analyze and share IBM Cognos Business Intelligence content wherever they are. Whether on the road or at the office, you get the same great insight with a solution that is simple, reliable and secure. You can work with trusted BI content in a rich and visual experience whether offline or online for uninterrupted productivity. The ability to use existing BI content and a single administrative environment helps IT keep up with the demands of users on varied devices. The flexible and proven platform ensures that mobile decision-making is simple, reliable and secure.

Cognos Mobile:

  • Receives Cognos reports, dashboards, scorecards, analysis and other information in a secure environment
  • Supports Apple iPhone and iPad and BlackBerry and PlayBook with a choice of native or web clients
  • Supports Android, Windows Mobile and Nokia Symbian operating systems with web-based access
  • Features full interactivity with business intelligence content, including drilling up, down and through and zooming in and out
  • Ensures up-to-date business intelligence content with regularly scheduled report distributions
  • Provides centralized management, including security, with a single authoring environment
  • Includes IBM Cognos Active Report for interaction with business intelligence content offline

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