IBM Cognos C7 (formerly Clarity 7)

The new release of IBM Cognos C7 replaces the earlier version, Clarity 7, as IBM and Microsoft’s Corporate Performance Management (CPM) product. IBM Cognos C7 (formerly Clarity 7) delivers powerful new functionality and greater performance while leveraging Microsoft technology

Unified Corporate Performance Management

Best Practices in Selecting Performance Management Software: Finance Searches for Increased Flexibility and Control

IBM Cognos C7 (formerly Clarity 7 and Clarity 6) is a comprehensive, unified application that offers the flexibility, security & control needed for informed business decisions, meet compliance requirements, and ensure better corporate responsibility through its highly feature-rich environment.

With C7, there are no modules or add-ons required for performance management processes & functions. Budgeting, forecasting, planning, reporting, consolidations, scorecards, analysis, modeling and more,  are all performed in a single, web-based and Excel-compatible software solution that uses your existing databases and financial models.

Gain control over these business performance management processes:

  • Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning
  • Reporting, Consolidations, and Scorecards
  • Analysis and Modeling

Leverage your existing investment in database technology & connect directly to those databases.

Relative to other finance software, C7 is the only business performance management application that supports multiple industry standard OLAP and relational databases. This ability to simultaneously interact with both relational and multi-dimensional OLAP databases means that C7 leverages your existing investment in database technology, and connects directly to databases now in your business environment.

Familiarity & Ease-of-use

The familiar Excel look & feel of IBM Cognos Clarity offers the functionality, flexibility, and power of Excel while reducing training and support costs. Additionally, your existing financial models can be loaded with a click of a button.

As a web-based financial software solution, C7 provides accessibility and visibility across the organization while easing deployment and maintenance tasks.

To support multiple critical business functions, our customers leverage existing IT and finance infrastructure with a single technology: IBM Cognos C7.

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