IBM Cognos FSR

IBM® Cognos® FSR is unique because it is the only external reporting software that reduces compliance risks while simultaneously reducing the cost of compliance.

Addressing External Reporting Processes

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For finance departments dealing with increasingly complex reporting requirements, IBM Cognos FSR is the only enterprise software application that automates the external reporting process – providing functionality to improve efficiency and reduce the risk inherent in the production of statutory and regulatory reports.

Simple, Intuitive & Easy-to-Use

If your users already know how to use Microsoft products such as MS-Word and MS-Excel, then using IBM Cognos FSR will be intuitive and easy. IBM Cognos FSR provides a user interface that leverages all the formatting capabilities of MS-Word and all the calculation abilities of MS-Excel. With dynamic home page functionality, users can filter among report sections and view section status, workflow assignments, and due dates, among others.

IBM Cognos FSR transforms the way finance, accounting, and legal departments manage and deliver critically important financial and management reports. This innovative software helps CFOs reduce risk and improve efficiency in their most critical reporting processes. Capabilities of IBM Cognos FSR include:

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