Internal Reporting Process Automation

IBM® Cognos® FSR is unique because it is the only external reporting software that reduces compliance risks while simultaneously reducing the cost of compliance.

Internal Reporting Process Automation Using IBM Cognos FSRIBM Close, Consolidate & Report for Dummies Guide Book

IBM Cognos FSR provides a comprehensive solution that automates the internal reporting process for the creation of reports including:

  • Management reports
  • Operations reports
  • Board books
  • Strategic planning reports
  • Forecasting reports

Unlike your existing tools, IBM Cognos FSR pulls data from any number of financial and non-financial data sources into a unified reporting platform where users can create, format, and validate highly sensitive reports quickly, accurately and securely.

IBM Cognos FSR will ensure your executive, financial and operational leaders have the most accurate and timely data and analysis to make better and faster business decisions.

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