Public Sector Financial Management and Reporting

IBM® Cognos® FSR is unique because it is the only external reporting software that reduces compliance risks while simultaneously reducing the cost of compliance.

Public Sector Financial Management and Reporting Using IBM Cognos FSR

IBM Cognos FSR is a secure database-driven platform that connects to your existing source systems and leverages Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel to automate the production of financial reports and narrative disclosures, including XBRL, in a secure, transparent, and auditable environment. Users can create any type of report including:

State and Local Government

  • CAFRs
  • Budget Formulation and Reporting
  • Municipal Bond Offering Memorandums
  • Internal Controls Documentation
  • Regulatory Reporting

Federal Government

  • A-11 (Budget) and A-136 (Financial) Reports
  • Budget Formulation & Justification Analyses and Reports
  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Financial Statements with integrated Footnotes, Charts, and Graphs
  • Performance & Accountability Reports (PARs, APRs, etc.)
  • Internal agency management reports
  • Compliance & Audit Reports/Evaluations

IBM Cognos FSR is a leading financial governance solution in the private sector and quickly closes the efficiency and quality gap in financial management for any government budget and finance department.

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