IBM® Cognos® FSR is unique because it is the only external reporting software that reduces compliance risks while simultaneously reducing the cost of compliance.

IBM Cognos Financial Statement Reporting (FSR) and XBRLSelecting the Right XBRL Solution

IBM Cognos FSR offers one of the most advanced XBRL solutions on the market today. By integrating XBRL into the external reporting process, IBM Cognos FSR makes the tagging, validation and creation of XBRL documents dramatically more efficient and less error prone.

Seamless Integration to Source Data

Cognos FSR provides an easy-to-use method to pull data from a variety of data sources including:

  • Leading ERP systems
  • Leading financial consolidation applications
  • Relational databases
  • OLAP databases

Every number in the final report links directly back to a single data source ensuring that there are no conflicting numbers anywhere in the report.

Tag Once Technology

Tag the data with XBRL tags just once with Cognos FSR and future reporting periods automatically pick up the same tags. There is no need to re-tag the document as data changes within the same reporting period because the updated data automatically flows into the XBRL document. And, there is no need to re-tag the document for future reporting periods, because the tags are automatically retained for future reporting periods.

Web-based Data Collection Flowing Directly into XBRL

Web-based data collection provides the ability to collect statistical and operational data, with this information automatically flowing into the XBRL document.

Business Rules

IBM Business Analytics’ Business Rules automatically ensure that all data in your documents tie out. Users can create any number of business rules to verify that summary numbers tie out to the detailed notes or to ensure that data is consistently presented across the document.

Variables in Text

Cognos FSR lets you place variables in text – to ensure that data in your financial statements tie out to the values that are embedded within paragraphs of text. If the data in your financial statements changes, then the values in your paragraphs of text also change – automatically.

Tag Text and Data

Cognos FSR users can easily tag financial data and commentary once and have it automatically flow to future reports.

Support for the Latest Taxonomies

Cognos FSR supports the latest XBRL taxonomies. Users can also extend the standard taxonomies with company-specific tags using the Taxonomy Designer.

Built-in XBRL Viewer

Cognos FSR users can easily view the final XBRL report using the built-in XBRL viewer.

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