Operational Risk Management

IBM OpenPages solutions enable customers to manage risk and compliance initiatives across the enterprise, helping business to cut loss & improve decision-making.

Manage Operational Risk to Reduce Loss

IBM OpenPages Operational Risk Management

As corporate risk management and compliance strategies continue to mature, organizations that adopt tightly integrated operational risk management strategies can greatly increase business performance while reducing losses and protecting investors and the corporate brand.

OpenPages Operational Risk Management software arms decision makers with tools to fully understand and interpret valuable business data regarding internal systems and processes and other key metrics that sustain organizational value and growth.

IBM OpenPages Operational Risk Management provides organizations with an integrated solution for managing operational risk to improve visibility into risk exposure across

the enterprise, to reduce loss and to improve business performance.

  • Mitigates risk via proactive management of key risks. Improve top- and bottom-line corporate performance.
  • Enables multiple levels of entities, processes, risks, and control hierarchies to match the unique structure of an organization. Eliminates redundancies through shared documents, processes, risks, and controls.
  • Delivers on-demand, actionable reporting on current state of operational risk across entire organization. Ensures the immediate execution of risk mitigation strategies.
  • Improves risk measurement, minimizes losses, and manage risks.
  • Provides input for capital modeling and enables business lines to assess high impact risk areas and emerging risks.
  • Live links within Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel refresh embedded charts and reports automatically for monthly reports, board meetings, while mobile integration allows remote access to dashboards and reports.
  • Facilitates a flexible approach to risk management that can accommodate changes and align with an organization’s existing procedures and naming conventions. Lowers total cost of ownership.

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