Policy & Compliance Management

IBM OpenPages PCM reduces the complexity and expense of complying with many industry, ethics, privacy and government regulatory mandates.

Automate the Entire Management Lifecycle

IBM OpenPages Policy & Compliance Management

As regulatory pressures continue to mount, business that take a more practical, cross-regulatory approach to managing compliance will alleviate increasing costs and complexity while gaining valuable insight into risks to key business processes that could affect corporate performance in the form of legal action, fines and penalties, damage to company reputation, and more.

IBM OpenPages Policy and Compliance Management automates the entire policy management lifecycle, and helps ensure that compliance is achieved, risks are mitigated and corporate policies and procedures are enforced.

  • Enables multiple levels of entities, processes, risks, and control hierarchies to match the unique structure of an organization. Eliminates redundancies through shared documents, processes, risks, and controls.
  • Harmonizes compliance programs across departments and focus areas to promote a standardized and efficient compliance approach. Maps similar mandates to the same controls, reducing overall complexity and cost.
  • Provides the compliance team with the ability to view and monitor overall organizational compliance posture through multiple dimensions, including regulatory mandate, business function, and business entity.
  • Delivers on-demand, actionable reporting that can be utilized to ensure compliance risks are understood and guarantee that issues are remediated quickly.
  • Live links within Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel refresh embedded charts and reports automatically for monthly reports, board meetings, while mobile integration allows remote access to dashboards and reports.
  • Facilitates a flexible approach to risk management that can accommodate changes align with an organization’s existing procedures and naming conventions. Lowers total cost of ownership.

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