Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager

Microsoft® Office Business Scorecard Manager is Now: Microsoft PerformancePoint Services for SharePoint. For more information on this complete and cost-effective performance management solution, please contact us at 770-475-1575 or Click Here.

Microsoft® Office Business Scorecard Manager

Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager screenshot

Microsoft® Office Business Scorecard Manager is a comprehensive business performance management scorecard and dashboard application that provides deep insight into business drivers. Utilizing the power of the Microsoft Office System, information is delivered in a collaborative environment for effective business management in performance driven organizations.

Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager gives organizations a empowers employees to build, manage, and use their own scorecards, reports, and visual resources using familiar tools. With these tools, they can analyze relationships between key performance indicators(KPI’s) and tangible business goals.

Articulate, Monitor, Analyze, Collaborate & Act
As a cost-effective web-based solution, Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager provides organizations with a stage on which to articulate goals and monitor business activity through performance metrics.

  • Articulate—Clearly define a business strategy using scorecards, identify and map KPI’s, and leverage existing business intelligence hidden within other systems.
  • Monitor—Easily monitor business performance and KPI’s with detailed views of performance and accountability, custom scorecard views, and personalized notification of status changes.
  • Analyze—Gain insight into business drivers and perform group analysis using detailed, contextual business analysis from reports, charts, and spreadsheets, as well as unstructured contextual data.
  • Collaborate and Act—Share strategies, enable collaborative group analysis, assign and monitor tasks, and put insight into action to improve business performance and execute on strategic plans.

The Benefits of Office Microsoft Business Scorecard Manager:
Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manger provides the tools and platform for a practical, low risk, and complete performance scorecard strategy for high impact and fast results. To align actions with business strategy, Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager helps enable employees, processes, and systems to understand business drivers, shape solutions, and execute shared plans.

  • Define and improve business performance—Understand organizational drivers, challenges, and opportunities with scorecards and key performance indicators (KPI’s).
  • Improve decision-making—Use a collaborative environment to analyze data in context, formulate strategies, and execute on strategic plans.
  • Make scorecarding a part of all business activities—Empower end users to build, manage, & consume scorecards using familiar, easy-to-use applications such as Microsoft Office & Microsoft SharePoint® technologies.
  • Save time and money—Leverage existing skills, technology, & investments to realize low-risk cost & time savings.