MS Office PerformancePoint Server

PLEASE NOTE: Microsoft® Office PerformancePoint® Server is now called Microsoft PerformancePoint Services for SharePoint. For more information on this complete and cost-effective performance management solution, please contact us at: (770) 475.1575 or Click Here

Microsoft® Office PerformancePoint® Server

Microsoft PerformancePoint Servers screenshot

Microsoft® Office PerformancePoint® Server (PPS) is an innovative, highly anticipated new software application designed to solve today’s performance management and business intelligence challenges using cutting edge query and analysis features, dashboards, scorecards, reporting, budgeting and planning capabilities. Microsoft PerformancePoint Server enables decision makers to navigate competitive business environments without wrestling with technology.

As a result, organizations get a quicker, clearer understanding of complex business problems through data filtering, unique graphical navigation and visualization. It’s one thing to hear sales are down. It’s another thing to see it. Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server’s dashboard allows users to find trends, explore data and pinpoint what’s driving corporate performance – without spending endless hours digging through data.

A Complete Solution
Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server provides all the functionality needed for performance management and business intelligence in one product, including scorecarding, analytics, planning, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, and financial reporting.

Reaches All Business Users
Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server is easy to use, cost-effective and powerful enough to quickly move business users from seeing what is happening to clearly understanding why. It offers enterprise-grade performance management and business intelligence capabilities across all departments including finance, operations, sales, marketing and human resources via Microsoft’s integrated platform.

Business Modeler and IT Partner
“Business Modeler” is the unique design and modeling component of PerformancePoint that enhances the partnership between IT and business analysts. Business Modeler lets users customize PerformancePoint Server without the need for IT’s intervention, freeing up valuable IT resources, thus allowing IT managers to drive better adoption and compliance by enabling organizations to better associate business intelligence and corporate performance.

Handles Real-World Complexities
Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server allows business users to create strategic plans, detailed budgets and scorecards and link them together with rules that express their relationships. Sales forecasts can be compared and reconciled with manufacturing and finance; divisional business drivers can be viewed independently for specific forecasts or consolidated into a corporate wide view and a strategic view of real business activities such as sales expansion, new products and investments can be more easily tied to financial views of the business.