Constituent Relations

With Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, your organization can quickly and accurately respond to internal and external demands to improve information sharing. It can also help reduce operational costs by automating business processes, improving staff productivity, lowering labor costs, and freeing time for other government functions.

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Every day, government organizations must manage rising constituent demands for services. Recent budget cuts and reductions in spending have forced government organizations to cut all but the most essential services.

Microsoft® constituent relationship management (CRM) solutions help government organizations to improve delivery of information and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of government services.  Centralizing and automating the intake of constituent requests creates an audit trail that enables analysis of service delivery speed and costs. Management can study the number, type and timing of requests to measure performance and adjust budget priorities.

Government departments often find that adopting Microsoft’s CRM solution can immediately help improve constituent communication and satisfaction with government services, even before efficiencies or process improvements can be implemented. Providing multiple channels to interact with government, automating services and personalizing information gives constituents—both individuals and commercial businesses—more choices and greater control.

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