Reduce Errors and Produce Results with IBM Cognos Disclosure Management

Disclosure management is one of the most important responsibilities in an organization. Sadly, many finance organizations struggle with time-consuming, manual documents that are prone to mistakes, like:

  • Incorrect formatting
  • Incompatible output types
  • Rounding mistakes
  • Footing errors
  • Lost audit trails

These mistakes, even the seemingly small ones, can snowball into glaring errors that are difficult to find and correct. That creates a lack of confidence in the data presented, and hinders good decision-making. And that completely undermines the goals of proper disclosure management.

But there is a better way.  If you aren’t confident in or satisfied with the disclosure management process in your organization, you may be a good candidate for IBM’s Cognos Disclosure Management.

Cognos Disclosure Management automates the collection of your financial data in a single, dynamic reporting and analysis solution. It allows you to combine data with analysis and insights for highly consumable reports that can be shared across the enterprise.

For a fast, easy to understand explanation of how Cognos Disclosure Management can make your life easier and your reporting more accurate, just watch this short video:

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