nexDimension provides corporate performance management, business intelligence and ERP solutions to emerging and enterprise businesses in a variety of industries.

Custom Technology Solutions that Address the Needs of your Organization

Click to Download: Industries nexDimension Serves - nexDimension provides corporate performance management, business intelligence and ERP solutions to emerging and enterprise businesses in a variety of industries.No matter what industry you are in, we can help define your requirements, present alternatives, provide strategic direction, and implement the right technologies to keep you on track.

At nexDimension, we go beyond providing and implementing solutions. Through  in-depth research and analysis, we provide insight and strategic recommendations for your organization to enhance operating effectiveness, gain competitive advantage, improve the bottom line, and build a solid foundation for growth.

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Healthcare & Medical

Streamline information flow, control costs, and improve patient care.
Click to Download: Studer Group Case Study - Making Enterprise Software Work, Addressing Rapid Growth & Expansion with Microsoft DynamicsProviding quality  healthcare may be this industry’s first priority, but it is also imperative to find more cost-effective solutions. The key lies in finding ways to streamline the processes, increase productivity, and improve decision-making.

nexDimension knows that expanding information technology is a smart and cost-effective way to improve organization. A powerful infrastructure facilitates information sharing and drives business decisions. Today’s technologies enable physicians, nurses, and administrators to work as a team.

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Financial Services

Reliable and scalable solutions that meet the needs of services companies, insurance companies and more.
Click to Download: Global Link Logistics Case Study -  How Global Link established a system that enabled real-time visibility into operations, supported the company’s rapid growth and opened opportunities to save money.Financial services organizations must work constantly to drive down the cost of their internal business processes while displaying a greater level of  customer intimacy.

nexDimension understands the challenges that drive financial services firms and have solutions to address these issues. By using the right financial and performance management solution, business processes involving multiple groups within your organization can be integrated, reducing paperwork and lowering costs.

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Holding Companies

Integrate business operations and streamline financial management.
Click to Download: Team Horner Case Study - Making Business Intelligence Work, Finding Financial Answers through Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems Microsoft FRx & ForecasterFor  holding companies, coordinating and consolidating the financial efforts of multiple, related but sometimes disparate entities is not an easy task. It can become a time-consuming, complex and daunting detail-oriented process that requires strategic planning.

nexDimension provides holding companies with practical solutions that ensure faster and better access  to information with a centralized, unified system for transaction processing and consolidated financial reporting.

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Municipal Governments

Integrated tools for managing public finance, human resources, constituent relationships and more.

Ensuring fiscal responsibility while complying with local, state and federal mandates can be extremely challenging. Since today’s decisions will leave lasting  impressions on the future, there is a tremendous need for accurate budgeting and long-term forecasting for  municipal governments.

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Click to Download: Government Services from nexDimension - Microsoft Revolutionizes Municipal Government Budget Process, Ensure financial integrity and accountability, Build a precise budget and control expenses, Provide detailed, timely information and more

Whether you’re a public CFO, finance director, manager or analyst who would like an easier, better way to achieve results or you are looking for easy-to-implement, yet powerful financial management and performance tools, nexDimension has answers. To ensure accountability, municipal governments need financial and performance management systems that  work the way they do.

Our ready-to-go municipal solutions help governments manage their expenditures and appropriations by allowing them to easily see and analyze the costs and activities under their control.

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Project-Based Organizations

Manage complex business processes without an expensive IT infrastructure.
Click to Download: Studer Group Case Study - Making Enterprise Software Work, Addressing Rapid Growth & Expansion with Microsoft DynamicsSuccessful project-based organizations and contractors need to deliver projects on time and budget. The right financial and operational solutions allows for a more competitive edge that reveals itself in project bidding, execution phases, and in maintaining your company’s bottom line.

nexDimension provides powerful solutions to manage complex business processes without a large & expensive IT infrastructure to reduce costs, increase value, improve relationships, & make faster, smarter decisions.

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Increase performance by connecting information, processes, systems, and people.

Your business has company-wide management needs as well as specific requirements for each business unit. But how do you manage them all? nexDimension suggests and  implements financial and performance management solutions for the hospitality industry to help manage transactions, track performance, and increase efficiencies.

By providing access to the latest information on key metrics, your organization can increase efficiency, improve service, attract more customers, and boost profit.

Not-for-Profit Organizations

Automate business processes and information-sharing to key constituencies.

Successful management of a not-for-profit organization is as demanding as it is detailed. Careful administration and meticulous reporting are essential practices to meet the needs of board members and statutory compliance. Both are also important for demonstrating the efficient use of donated and allocated resources to secure future contributions and funding grants.

nexDimension provides tools that help not-for-profit organizations streamline operations, optimize finances and improve their reporting capabilities, which translates into more time focused on providing services and value for their beneficiaries.