Business Activity Monitoring

KnowledgeSync is a true company-wide business activity monitoring software solution that addresses all of an organizations knowledge management needs.

Business Activity Monitoring Software for Local & Municipal GovernmentsBusiness Activity Monitoring (BAM) Software Briefing Materials and Demonstration

With information overload at its peak, the need to filter information and tie it together with alerts to key stakeholders, city officials, and constituents, is now much more important than ever before.

By implementing business process management principles and practices and employing a pro-active approach, municipalities improve the timeliness and quality of business decisions.

One way to boost performance is with targeted and focused information — sent to the right people, at the right time, via the right device. Business Activity Monitoring, BAM, is the tool to make this happen.

KnowledgeSync’s purpose is to automatically tracks business information for critical, time-sensitive conditions of data across an organization and to respond to those conditions in a timely and intelligent way.

An Early Warning System to Make Government More Efficient
Business Activity Monitoring software detects specific events that you define and then perform prearranged functions once detected. Business Activity Monitoring software is an automated system that analyzes data 24/7. It can:

  • Look for trends in your data and alert those who need to know
  • Integrate and synchronize data between different systems
  • Monitor, respond, and alert others to incoming emails
  • Monitor website inquiries and initiate internal processes
  • Monitor your internal systems for exceptions

One City, One Solution
Business Activity Monitoring software monitors all the information that is critical to the success of your organization. This includes application data from revenue and accounting systems to constituent service and help desk systems. BAM can integrate with custom and homegrown applications as well. BAM even has a variety of alert methods including email, fax, pager, PDA, cell phone, pop-up, web browser and FTP.

So whether it’s emailing a work order when a constituent makes a request, or scheduling a follow-up with a citizen who hasn’t been contacted yet or taking an incoming email and providing an immediate response, BAM automates these processes — across your entire organization.

Because Timing Is Everything
But even more important than what has happened in your organization is what has to happen NEXT. If BAM identifies an overdue payment, it can schedule a call for a city official. If a lease is about to expire, BAM can create a to-do item for the vendor. And if a support call has not been addressed, BAM can escalate that call because the possibility that something — or someone — falls between the crack can have dire consequences.

Knowledge is power & with a well-implemented Business Activity Monitoring tool, your team can have all the data they need to respond timely to the events that matter the most.

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Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) Software Briefing Materials and Demonstration